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If you’re stuck doing English literature, or equivalent if you live somewhere else then chances are you’ve sat bored as hell trying to figure out where to begin with a poetry comparison or analysis. An incredibly daunting task for such a small section of text, and if you’re like me and see more writing as more quotes, not that I can use those properly anyway, and evidence, than poetry is also difficult for you. So allow me to provide an example of how to begin going about writing yourself an essay. A good place to start is the Australian poet Gwen Harwood, and in particular her sonnets, the two I find easiest are “suburban sonnet” and “in the park” both simple as can be and can easily be brought together under one banner, both with a lot of single mother stuff in them. Now the first thing you need to complete an assessment is the question, and one that’s always present in exams and assessments is the old blah blah values and attitudes construct culture blah blah. Now basically the only important bit is the values and attitudes about culture, which will form the spinal column of your essay. What you’re looking for when you see those words is anything that can construct a Marxist or feminist reading. If you want to be one of those people and do a post-colonial reading, you really don’t need my help. For the purpose of this analysis were going to be looking at how these two poems reference values and attitudes of the time and place it was written, which means how did the author represent their cultures beliefs, not the ideology’s though, that’s a different thing.

So before we begin this paragraph shall cover where to find and extrapolate your evidence, if your writing your essay on this exact poem just scroll down, don’t bother reading, but if you’re looking for information on examples of evidence you may want to read. Let’s start with the sonnet in the park, throughout it Harwood uses a persona of a single mother, who funnily enough is in suburban sonnet, though not the same persona, saying that loses you marks because there’s no proof, but basically she has a hard time being a single mom and her kids are a bit ratbaggy, but good news for us Harwood packed it full of evidence to support a gendered reading and a Marxist reading.. Basically for an essay you should analyse then write, not the other way around, so first let’s get our evidence, first line: She sits in the park. Not much in it for analysis to my untrained eye, but the second half brings us home her clothes are out of date. First point the very conspicuous full stop, end of sentence, Harwood obviously drawing attention to the lack of details for descriptors, if you’re going to talk about personas and characters in a poem then that’s an important thing to mention, next the meaning we can draw from this, her clothing isn’t new, she doesn’t have any money to buy new stuff, good stuff for the first line, basically one can use that to write about how Harwood wanted to draw attention to the socioeconomic situation of women without male figures present. Next on the agenda two children whine and bicker, tug her skirt. Another full stop, they don’t say anything, therefore don’t have voices, they become objects. Whining and bickering, normal stuff eh? WRONG. Harwood is creating a symbol of children, which she references in the last line and we’ll talk about then, but as for analysis this is hard to do without drawing further evidence from other places. A third draws aimless patterns in the dirt now we start to see more of the poverty references, drawing in the dirt, not really something kids with cool monster trucks do, so it’s clearly a reference to them being poor. Another thing to mention, aimless patterns, the kids no Mozart, so if you so desired one could talk about how she constructs the children as inferior, which is a bit of a long shot but I’d pay it. Not much to talk about in the 4th line, except the mention of loved once, the once being important, makes you think that the SI did the dumping. 5th line could further used evidence of Harwood constructing a weak female persona, as she is put in the weak position of nodding first. Now line 6 gets juicy, “How nice” et cetera. “Time holds great surprises.” How nice, a condescending language reference, et cetera, a default conversation, and time holds great surprises, but it’s no great surprise to anyone that this can be used to further reinforce the idea that Harwood is constructing a culture in which the default attitude is to not care about single moms, sound familiar? Now line 7 doesn’t really have much to it, except “neat head” this is a contrast between the lovely female persona and this robot of a male. The 8th line however has within it the inevitable biblical reference, “but for the grace of god” now you can do a lot of things with that, but I personally would talk about how this allusion is a reference to how the bible oppresses both the lower class and women as a whole. They stand a while in flickering light, rehearsing now if you’re bad at poetry and counting you wouldn’t have realised that this is a Petrarchan sonnet, with a few discrepancies, and that we’ve made it to the sestet, the home of the Volta, and in this line, They stand a while in flickering light, rehearsing we see the beginning of this, a Volta is basically when the poem does a 180 tail whip and turns around, Harwood does this by creating an almost romantic air  about it, so of course the male  is gonna profess his love and there’s a happy ever after? Were gonna quickly jump a bit and boom line 12 she says to his departing smile. Then, nursing we see that Harwood is not done and Voltas her own Volta, of course this is not a technical phrase, and we discover that there’s no happy end for the persona, now the significance of this is YUGE, we can see that Harwood creates the idea that men are unforgiving and uncaring, and don’t care, which constructs the final block of the male persona character, which we’ll get to in a bit. The youngest child, sits staring at her feet. Line 13s a bit dull, but again more links to the inferiority thing.  Now line 14 is where we bring this sucker home to the wind she says, “They have eaten me alive.”  Now two important things to talk about, one the reference to children being a burden “they have eaten me alive” they’re killing her, financially mostly, but a little bit literally, but this mostly says to me single mothers can’t be single, “to the wind” that references that she is alone, no friends or family, which can be useful when constructing your paragraphs. Now that you’ve hopefully enjoyed the how to section, here’s the WHAT THE HELL DOES IT ACTUALLY MEAN section.

What does all that stuff mean, well basically that’s the proof for the reading your gonna make, referencing the values and attitudes, the easiest one I think is a gendered reading, because Harwood casts a negative light on the values and attitudes of the male culture she created in this text. So there are three main things that I can easily talk about in the text, the construction of personas, the allusions to both the bible and survivability of single mothers and my favourite symbolism. Now I’m going to construct that essay using these three things as my main body paragraphs, so let’s start with the most abstract, the symbolism, and your evidence starts in line 1, her clothes, these are a symbol of her status, which is pretty low. The second symbol I feel comfortable referencing is the dirt, the dirt again represents a lack of anything else, represents the primal state that she and the child are forced to live in, and finally the flickering light, a universal symbol for romance, this symbol is the most abstract, as it essentially contrasts with the start of the poem, which is heavily unromanticised, and then end which is the same, so this symbol can be seen to represent the past, where she and this male enjoyed a romantic and peaceful relationship. The first two symbol lead the reader to see that the attitude of that culture are unforgiving to single mothers, as she is very poor and struggling, and the second bit as a direct reference to the unforgiving nature of men, thus casting the a negative view on this society.

Second paragraph, I would talk about the use of allusion, this goes in the middle as it’s my weakest point. First off the text makes a biblical allusion, given in the sentence “if but for the grace of god”, basically the holy water of literature, I would use the allusion as a reference to the text the bible and how it’s used to oppress women, and thus Harwood creating a juxtaposition between the culture in the text and the male dominated attitudes and values in the bible. Second allusion id take the time to mention is the uncaring nature of men, done so by the way the male persona reacts to the woman, using the term from “his neat head unquestionability rises” as a method of showing how he thinks of the women,  not as a person but as an object, this allusion leads the reader to view the male, who is a representation of males in the culture in which it was written, negatively, and as such also view the patriarchal values and attitudes negatively.

Third paragraph: in the final paragraph one would use the personas, to construct the negative view on male society. One could use the evidence mentioned above to show how the male persona is representative of male society and how the reader is guided to view it as negative, and how the reader is guided to sympathise with the persona of the mother, of course the evidence for these is basically everywhere, hence why it’s the last paragraph you can basically pull out any old quote.

Now of course above I already showed you where to find evidence from the text in the above line so I won’t bore you again, without further ado here’s some more evidence pertaining to sonnet number 2 ‘suburban sonnet’

Now this poem tackles the home life of a single parent, and as such is ripe with evidence to support the same question and reading as the previous sonnets, so let’s start off with a similar paragraph structure

Symbolism: there’s not a whole lot to go on for symbolism for the unpractised eye in this sonnet but there’s a nice pile of symbolism towards the end in the example of the dead mouse, this dead carcass obviously symbolises death. Death is another one of those things that are always good in literature, and in this case she is comparing the trapped mouse to the way the woman feels in this situation, trapped and alone. This can be linked back to the uncaring nature of that culture. That’s about it really for the old symbols

Allusion: now this sonnet practices my favourite kind of allusion, direct allusion! In this sonnet the musician Rubinstein, who, funnily enough is an expert musician, and who yawned at her, of course this backs up the uncaring thing we got going on very nicely. Next allusion is to the socioeconomic state of the household, in the manner of the paper the mouse is wrapped in “tasty dishes from stale bread” not your typical meal, unless you’re a single mother who is having a hard time in a male dominated society which is ruled by an uncaring attitude towards said single mother. Now the next allusion is a little complicated, the fugue, means one of two things, the musical definition, multiple voices slowly joining together, or the mental definition, in which one does something they can’t remember later, now they both can be referenced, the musical one showing that she is alone, with no one to help her, or the mental definition showing how she’s losing the plot, I’d say both if you can’t pick one do both, comparing them and showing how smart you are. Next allusion is “her veins ache” bit tricky, could allude to drug use, or to the previous sonnets “they have eaten me alive” that’ll help out later by the way, and that’s about it for the old allusions, worth a pretty sick paragraph I’d say.

Persona: now not as many personas in this one as in the park, but of course there is one important one that needs to be discussed, with reference of course to in the park, the children! The personas of the children are created to be seen as life stealing and basically too much to handle for one person, multiple times they are referred to as, well, basically inferior to your average kids, this can be related to the lack of father, as the children have no father and who brings the discipline? Daddy-o. The other persona that needs to be assessed is the mother, who is created as a flawed mother with no “zest and love” left, and a possible reliance on drugs, this both compare well with in the park.

That basically concludes what you could put in an essay for just suburban sonnet, now writing about just one of these poems is like writing about one chapter of a novel, short and not likely to unlock your full potential, so one would reference both of them in the text, as they both allude to similar things and have the same personas in them. Also the intertextual references are strong in this one, and can easily be bound into one essay, filling in the gaps of the other, as suburban sonnet lacks symbolism, one could use in the park to shore it up with extra quotes, and what in the park lacks in allusions could be shored up with the suburban sonnets multitudes. And best of all, they both can support the same reading, that of a cruel society with values and attitudes that support only the male agenda, and not that of single mothers, so basically just follow that generic guideline, and your essay should be completed before the heat death of the universe, who knows if you build on this basic C grade skeleton you may get a B.

Now these two poems both use the same structure, that of a Petrarchan sonnet, but with a twist, and as such, to really get ones head into it I have written a poor rendition of these sonnets, focusing on the main issue in my life, not my kids, but my inability to complete a simple game. The reason I chose that topic is because basically the hopelessness of the female persona reminded me strongly of my own hopeless adventures in Infinite Undiscovery…

A simple game, played for fun

But alone in the dark, with success far away:

Two hours progress I am forced to replay,

With every red ring, I come undone.

A bond like that of mother and offspring

One binding eternal, no hope of release,

Trapped in stasis forever, I’ve no hope of peace

But to the faint hope of victory, I cling.

But alas I chip away and away

My labours never recorded

But it is my fate to Survive

To a glory eternal, I return to the fray

To a brave hero, and loot hoarded

But this game, it is eating me alive

by C.L.

When something goes seriously wrong with your laptop you usually receive an advance warning. A virus might alter your security settings, for example, or a failing hard drive might start marking funny noise. If you catch these signals early, you can quickly diagnose and fix your laptops malfunction.

How to fix laptop Malfunction

Many of our recommended solutions involve a thorough malware scan. If you haven’t already installed antivirus and antimalware programs on your system, do that now. You can rely on the built-in Windows or macOS programs, or go shopping for another security suite. Just make sure to put in the research: check out an online buying guide for windows or macOS, read up on user and professional reviews, and find the right set of tools for your needs.

Don’t let the price deter you—solid computer security is worth the money. In addition to your primary suite, consider considering getting a second opinion. You can employ a less-intensive scanner, one that requires you to install fewer files, alongside your main one. Instead of running regular checks, the secondary program would work on an on-demand basis: You only need to fire it up when you need it. We like Microsoft Safety Scanner for Windows and Malwarebytes for macOS.

With so many computer systems out there, problems may manifest differently on each type of machine. But by the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you should have a much better sense of what various issues look like and get rid of your laptop malfunction. And the earlier you spot them, the earlier you can fix them.

Malfunction results in:

1. Slower Internet and Processing: A slower computer doesn’t necessarily mean you have a virus, but if it’s a sudden enough change in speed, it may be worth checking out. Use a speed test to check your internet speed and use your computer’s task manager to measure processing power. If either seems slower than usual, perform a scan with your antivirus software.

2. Unexpected Computer Behavior: Viruses can do all kinds of strange things to your computer. If your computer stops responding to clicks, decides to open files on its own, scrolls or acts as if a key’s been pressed when it hasn’t, you may be experiencing computer virus symptoms. Your computer shouldn’t seem like it’s thinking for itself.

3. Missing or Extra Files: Keep track of the size of your hard drive. A virus may install copies of itself or unwanted files on your computer. Viruses also delete files unexpectedly. When you start seeing something strange or missing, it’s time to run a virus scan.

4. Outgoing Emails: Viruses try to spread themselves by email. If you notice emails in your sent box that you didn’t send, you probably have a virus. If you get an email from a friend that seems suspicious, they might have a virus. Do not click on any links or open any attachments in questionable emails.

5. Error Messages: Your computer knows something is wrong before you do. One of the most noticeable symptoms of a computer virus is the sudden appearance of pop-up messages warning you about missing system or application files. Research messages by putting them in a search engine to see if you can diagnose a virus.

Dear Sir/Madam,

The reason I am writing to you is poor repairing service, which I recently had from your service department.

I have a laptop which is model is Inspiron 5110. I bought that a couple years ago. Last week, I realized there were some malfunctions. First malfunction was a Caps Lock button did not work anymore. Secondly, CPU’s fan did not work correctly and finally my battery did not charge when I plug my charger. I explained all these malfunctions to one of your agent. I got back my repaired laptop a few days ago, but I was shocked when I turn on my laptop. Although, they fixed Caps Lock button and clean CPU’s fan, but they did not do anything about my battery. However, after working a few hours whit laptop I suddenly realized my Caps Lock did not work.

Can you imagine how I was unhappy when I found none of my problems did not fix completely. I called to your store, but they told me they did not have any responsible for this issue. I believe this matter is deserve your urgent attention. I want full refund of charge service I paid before. Besides, I would like to send my laptop again and I expect all problems are fix this time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Any user may encounter both hardware and software problems of all sorts while working with a laptop or a desktop computer. And it has to be noted that laptops are subjected to a more complex malfunctions since these devices are much more complicated than a system unit with a monitor. The most unpleasant and difficult situation is when some error does not allow the system to boot. One of such errors that can be encountered is when your computer shuts down before Windows starts or immediately after it. In this article, we will tell you why your laptop turns on and immediately off, and what to do if you are facing such a problem.

Table of contents:
1. Laptop turns off because of hardware malfunctions
- Hard drive
- Processor malfunctions
- Dusty laptop 
- Battery
- Short circuit
- Faulty power supply unit
2. Laptop shuts down at boot because of software problems

Laptop turns off because of hardware malfunctions

It is not an easy task to arrange all the necessary components in the laptop case especially because doing that one has to think really carefully how and where to place cooling system. That is why quite often various laptop elements simply fail. Let’s take a closer look at the main malfunctions that may lead to a spontaneous shutdown at boot.

Hard drive

Damage to the HDD or SSD may occur for various reasons, for example, due to physical damage if laptop falls down. Another common cause of hard drive failure is a sudden shutdown of a laptop, due to which the drive must make an emergency stop.

If the hard drive itself or the operating system files on it were damaged, the laptop may turn itself off before it is fully loaded. In such a situation, it is recommended to check the hard disk by installing it into another computer (meaning the one that has no problems at boot).

CPU malfunctions

A common reason for a laptop to turn on and then immediately off is CPU overheating. In most cases, it occurs due to the absence of thermal paste (or it might be present but way too dry). If this is the case, you will need to replace the thermal paste, which can be done independently, if there are no difficulties with laptop disassembling.

It is much worse when the CPU overheats not because it is lacking thermal paste, but because of poor cooling when both – coolers and radiators – do not work properly. In this case, it is necessary to determine the cause of their failure and repair or replace them. There may be problems with replacing coolers in a laptop, because often it is quite difficult to find laptop parts if it is not of the most common model.

Dusty laptop

According to the recommendations of all laptop manufacturers, every 6 months these devices must be sent to a service center for professional cleaning. This will allow the laptop to work as long as possible, without having problems with overheating. If the coolers of a portable computer are very dirty, all its components (CPU, graphics processor, hard disk, and so on) will overheat almost instantly after you turn your laptop on. As a result, there will launch an overheating protection which will make your computer to shut down.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to disassemble the laptop and clean it properly.


Most often, the laptop turns on and immediately off due to the battery malfunction. Many users are buying laptops to use them constantly at home or in the office. So they are working on these devices with both – battery and power supply – connected constantly and simultaneously. This kind of operation is an emergency mode for the battery, and because of it the battery life most likely will be greatly reduced. If the battery ceases completely to hold the charge, your laptop may turn off immediately after you turned it on.

It should be noted that this problem may appear not only because of strong battery deterioration. It also takes place if, for example, the battery terminals are oxidized and the necessary voltage cannot pass through them.

Short circuit

A short circuit may occur in the laptop motherboard for two reasons: the electrical network is unstable or the battery is not working properly. Most often the short circuit leads to the burning of motherboard capacitors, which is a serious problem. In this situation you most likely will not be able to repair your laptop on your own so it will be a lot better to take it to a reputable service center.

 Faulty power supply unit

Power supply unit malfunctions may also be a reason for your laptop to turn off immediately after it was turned on. It is necessary to check the indicator on the laptop’s power supply unit. Depending on the laptop model, it may work in different ways. Most often, the indicator should just turn green, and if it flashes, for example, you may assume that there is some sort of malfunction and probably consider replacing the power supply cable or the whole unit.

Laptop shuts down at boot because of software problems

If your laptop shuts down immediately after it was turned on due to software malfunctions, most often these are problems related to BIOS. For example, malware could set BIOS settings so that your computer will automatically shut down after a certain amount of time. It is recommended to go to the BIOS settings and reset them to default values ​​in order to solve the problem.

If the laptop shuts down when booting due to some problems with Windows, you may try to restore the files integrity or reinstall the operating system.


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There aren’t many people who don’t know how to use computers these days. Look in almost any home, classroom or office and you’ll probably spot a computer.

It is true that computers can save a lot of space and time. Firstly, computers help save a lot of paper and that’s good for the environment. Secondly, computers save space in your house because they can do the job of encyclopaedias and other books. Lastly computers help us learn and allow us to stay in contact with people via e-mail.

On the other hand, the use of computers can lead to problems. To begin with, computers can be bad for your eyes, especially as some children may spend too much time playing computer games. Moreover, computers don’t help children communicate with others. Instead, children spend their time indoors sitting in front of a computer screen.

Не так много людей, которые не знают, как использовать компьютеры в наши дни. Посмотрите, почти в любом доме, классе или офисе, и вы, вероятно, заметили компьютер.

Это правда, что компьютеры могут сэкономить много места и времени. Во-первых, компьютеры помогают сэкономить много бумаги, и это хорошо для окружающей среды. Во-вторых, компьютеры экономят место в вашем доме, потому что они могут выполнять работу энциклопедий и других книг. Наконец, компьютеры помогают нам учиться и позволяют нам оставаться в контакте с людьми по электронной почте.

С другой стороны, использование компьютеров может привести к проблемам. Начнем с того, что компьютеры могут быть вредны для зрения, особенно потому, что некоторые дети могут тратить слишком много времени, играя в компьютерные игры. Кроме того, компьютеры не помогают детям общаться с другими людьми. Вместо этого, дети проводят времени в помещении, сидя перед экраном компьютера.

Your school magazine asked its readers to send in articles expressing their opinion on the following question. Computers: A.

*Цитирирование части задания со ссылкой на учебник производится исключительно в учебных целях для лучшего понимания разбора решения задания.

на английском языке с переводом на русский язык

Modern terms “computer age”, “computer generation”, “artificial intelligence” remind that we are living in the epoch of computer technologies playing a great role in our daily life, economy, education, and science. It is difficult to imagine an ordinary day of an office employee, a businessman, or a teacher without a PC; besides, children, retired people, and housewives also use it willingly.

Today computers contain almost all the information necessary for social institutes functioning (a travel agency or a hospital cannot work without the digital data), for banking operations (the major part of the money is stored in the cashless form), etc. The global network of computers, the Internet, has simplified communication as well as the access to any information and various services. Doubtlessly, computers have made our life more convenient. Due to fast technical progress, we do not have to deal with the first giant models of computers, capable just of encryption and calculating: PCs are compact and let us use many types of files and programs.

Сегодня компьютеры содержат почти всю информацию, необходимую для функционирования социальных институтов (туристическое агентство или больница не могут работать без цифровых данных), для банковских операций (большая часть денег хранится в безналичной форме) и т.д. Глобальная сеть компьютеров, Интернет, упростила как коммуникацию, так и доступ к любой информации и различным услугам. Несомненно, компьютеры сделали нашу жизнь удобнее. Благодаря быстрому техническому прогрессу, мы не вынуждены иметь дело с первыми гигантскими моделями компьютеров, способными только на шифрование и вычисления: ПК компактны и позволяют нам использовать много типов файлов и программ.

On the other hand, the computers’ evaluation is a rather controversial question because of some serious disadvantages. For example, their popularity changed the mentality of the youth and caused the birth of “mosaic thinking”: it is proved that modern people often do not manage to process large amounts of information and to think logically. Other urgent problems are the Internet and computer games addictions, computers’ negative impact on physical health. In my opinion, society must overcome these challenges: computers are a useful invention that will hardly become a reason of disasters.

В данном эссе ученица 7 класса описывает плюсы и минусы компьютеров, их пользу и вред. Эта работа выполнена в рамках школьного проекта по английскому языку «Computers in our life».

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Предварительный просмотр:

Computers in our life

Lately computers have filled our life. Now they are almost in each family. We have got used to them and we do not imagine our leisure without this miracle-machine.

Firstly, with the help of computers the Internet has entered into our life. It became an integral part of a life of each person. Now people cannot live a day without checking of mail and visiting their favourite sites. The Internet is not only the assistant in daily work, it is also the other world in which there are mail boxes, libraries, photo galleries, games, shops. By means of the Internet people can travel to different cities, visit tourist places, communicate with people.

Secondly many people ask a question: » Is the Internet harmful or useful? «. I think, that on this question there is no certain answer. In fact on the one hand the Internet is a very good and useful thing. And on the other hand it has many negative functions: dependence, the waste of time, money, health.

Certainly, the Internet can be the excellent assistant in information search. But if we spend a lot of time on the Internet we’ll have some problems. We lose a touch with the real world, get in a full dependence on a computer. I think, that it is important to learn to distinguish a side between a real life and a life on the Internet. For that it is necessary to understand, what is really important on the Internet and what is not. And then the Internet will be not the terrible enemy, but the indispensable assistant.

Ни для кого не секрет, что компьютеры, ноутбуки, смартфоны и прочая техника играют важную роль в жизни современного человека. Многие люди нынешнего поколения довольно хорошо разбираются в различных гаджетах, поэтому необходимо уметь разговаривать на эту тему.

Computers In Our Life – топики на английском

Как писать топик о компьютерах

Как и всегда, сочинения в английском языке состоят из трех частей: вступление, основная часть (может быть разделена на несколько параграфов) и заключение. Однако, их содержание должно быть разным в зависимости от темы.

Говоря о компьютерах, начать сочинение можно оригинально, упомянув, что эта тема стала актуальна совсем недавно, но уже успела стать одной из важнейших. Если в теме эссе говорится о вашем личном компьютере, тогда во вступлении еще можно упомянуть чем вы пользуетесь. Если же тема связана с важностью компьютеров в нашей жизни, то нужно написать об этом.

В основной части сочинения в зависимости от темы можно писать об аппаратном и программном обеспечении устройства, которым вы пользуетесь, или же о преимуществах и недостатках компьютеров, планшетов, смартфонов и прочих гаджетов.

Заключение всегда является выводом или подведением итогов того, о чем говорилось ранее, и снова можно использовать фразу-клеше о важности компьютерной техники, современных информационных технологий, Интернета и т.д.

Компьютерная лексика на английском языке с транскрипцией и переводом – таблица:

To begin with, com­put­er tech­nol­o­gy is an impor­tant part of human­i­ty these days. Almost every­one has his own com­put­er. As for me, I can­not imag­ine my life with­out my per­son­al com­put­er and I want to tell you about it.

First­ly, I would like to describe you the hard­ware of my com­put­er. It con­sists of basic units: sys­tem unit, mon­i­tor, mouse and key­board. How­ev­er, I also have a print­er, an audio sys­tem and a video cam­era with a micro­phone. Inside the sys­tem unit are the moth­er­board, proces­sor, hard dri­ve, pow­er sup­ply, RAM, cool­ing fan, sound and video card. All of these parts allow my com­put­er to run fast and free from freezes.

Sec­ond­ly, it is essen­tial to tell about the soft­ware. I pre­fer an oper­at­ing sys­tem like Win­dows and use it pre­cise­ly because it is con­ve­nient. In addi­tion to dri­vers, basic Microsoft appli­ca­tions and browsers, I have pho­to, audio and video edi­tors installed on my com­put­er. More­over, I have sev­er­al games installed because I like to spend my free time play­ing them.

Then, I want to report I you what I use my per­son­al com­put­er for. Of course I need it to do my home­work and oth­er work. Thanks to the Inter­net, I can lis­ten to music, watch movies and TV shows and com­mu­ni­cate with my friends. As I said above, I do a lot of pro­cess­ing and play­ing video games.

In con­clu­sion, I would like to say that the com­put­er helps me a lot in my every­day life and it has already become an irre­place­able part of all mankind.


Начнем с того, что в наши дни компьютерные технологии являются важной частью человечества. Практически у каждого есть свой компьютер. Что касается меня, то я не представляю свою жизнь без персонального компьютера и хочу вам об этом рассказать.

Во-первых, я хотел бы описать вам аппаратное обеспечение моего компьютера. Он состоит из основных блоков: системного блока, монитора, мыши и клавиатуры. Однако у меня также есть принтер, аудиосистема и видеокамера с микрофоном. Внутри системного блока находятся материнская плата, процессор, жесткий диск, блок питания, оперативная память, вентилятор охлаждения, звуковая и видеокарта. Все эти компоненты позволяют моему компьютеру работать быстро и без зависаний.

Во-вторых, необходимо рассказать о программном обеспечении. Я предпочитаю такую ​​операционную систему, как Win­dows, и использую ее именно потому, что это удобно. Помимо драйверов, основных приложений и браузеров Microsoft, на моем компьютере установлены фото‑, аудио- и видеоредакторы. Более того, у меня установлено несколько игр, потому что я люблю проводить за ними свободное время.

Затем я хочу сообщить вам, для чего я использую свой персональный компьютер. Конечно, он мне нужен для выполнения домашних заданий и другой работы. Благодаря Интернету я могу слушать музыку, смотреть фильмы и телешоу и общаться с друзьями. Как я уже сказал выше, я много занимаюсь обработкой и играю в видеоигры.

В заключение хочу сказать, что компьютер мне очень помогает в повседневной жизни и он уже стал незаменимой частью всего человечества.

It is gen­er­al­ly known that com­put­er tech­nol­o­gy plays a sig­nif­i­cant role in human exis­tence. Per­son­al­ly, I believe that they have become indis­pens­able in our time and they help us make life eas­i­er, but main­ly thanks to the inter­net. Let me intro­duce you some ideas in con­nec­tion with this issue.

First­ly, through the com­put­ers and the Inter­net we can find all the infor­ma­tion we need. There are huge sources of infor­ma­tion on the Inter­net on almost any top­ic of inter­est. I believe that with the advent of com­put­ers, it has become much eas­i­er, faster and more con­ve­nient to search for infor­ma­tion and surf the Inter­net. For exam­ple, now we do not have to flip through a bunch of books to find the answer to a ques­tion, just google it and we will find out the answer with­in a few seconds.

Sec­ond­ly, com­put­ers, smart­phones and oth­er gad­gets link thou­sands of kilo­me­ters. Due to them, any mes­sage or news reach­es us from any­where in the world in a mat­ter of min­utes. For instance, com­put­er tech­nolo­gies are very impor­tant for me because thanks to them I can com­mu­ni­cate with­out restric­tions with my friends from oth­er cities and even coun­tries. In addi­tion, it is not incon­sid­er­able that com­put­ers have become one of the teach­ing aids nowadays.

Tak­ing every­thing into con­sid­er­a­tion, the inven­tion of the com­put­er was a huge con­tri­bu­tion to the devel­op­ment of mankind. Com­put­er tech­nol­o­gy and espe­cial­ly the Inter­net are essen­tial in our lives.


Общеизвестно, что компьютерные технологии играют важную роль в существовании человека. Лично я считаю, что они стали незаменимыми в наше время и помогают нам облегчить жизнь, но в основном благодаря Интернету. Позвольте представить вам несколько идей в связи с этим вопросом.

Во-первых, через компьютеры и Интернет мы можем найти всю необходимую нам информацию. В Интернете есть огромные источники информации практически по любой интересующей теме. Я считаю, что с появлением компьютеров стало намного проще, быстрее и удобнее искать информацию и пользоваться Интернетом. Например, теперь нам не нужно перелистывать кучу книг, чтобы найти ответ на вопрос, просто погуглите, и мы узнаем ответ в течение нескольких секунд.

Принимая все во внимание, изобретение компьютера явилось огромным вкладом в развитие человечества. Компьютерные технологии и особенно Интернет необходимы в нашей жизни.

К тому же, компьютерная лексика, представленная в статье, будет полезна и в повседневной жизни, так как разговоры о компьютерах теперь являются обыденной темой. При написании своего сочинения можете воспользоваться идеями из примеров или придумать что-то свое.

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