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Nigerias Gas System Dissertation Samples


The research argues that although a gas flaring stoppage is not successfully in-place in Nigeria, fitting the appropriate technology with complementary economic and institutional factors can lead to near-zero or zero gas flaring. Nigeria is a developing country with a unique culture of many tribes and one of the largest growing urban populations in the world. Infrastructural, political and economical challenges to meeting the goal are introduced. Reinjection of gas back into wells is not available as an option to gas flaring because a large region for gas production is wetlands (Buzcu-Guven et al. 2012). Wetlands

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Presentation Example


Marijuana is amongst the most used drugs in the globe and has always been criticized with its effects to human health. The benefits of Marijuana have for a long time been ignored until recently when doctors and health professionals advocated for its use in maintenance of health, in human bodies. Marijuana is a contributor to economic growth as in some economies it is considered as a cash crop. Scientifically, Marijuana is safer than alcohol intake in consideration of its toxicity. Scientists argue that intake of marijuana is not as addictive as that of alcohol or tobacco; hence it has fewer consequences than

Good Western Diet Critical Thinking Example

Red meat, fatty foods, high-cholesterol, high-salt, high-sugar, and too many calories – these are some of the characteristics of a Western diet (Wollston, 2015). It is a fact that this kind of diet is harmful to one’s health. According to the data from the Multiple Cause of Death Files, 1999-2013, around 610, 000 people die annually because of heart disease (as cited in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2015). In addition, around 78.6 million adults in the U.S. are classified as obese. This means that 78.6 million are at risk of deadly

Good Example Of Influence of the Environment Essay

The impact of the environment on human health is quite significant. Many diseases are caused by air pollution, polluted drinking water, and consumption of chemically processed food. Health depends on lifestyle with 50%, 20% from the environment and technology development, 20% bad heredity and only 10% of it depends on the level of health care (Landon 2013).
Nowadays, an enormous amount of pollutants is released into the environment from industrial sources, whether pipe, that pour wastes into rivers or huge production waste landfills. Industrial toxic emissions into the atmosphere so rain and dust return to the surface and

Natural Cures Argumentative Essay Sample

There is truly nothing better than curling up in a cozy chair with a snack and a fantastic book. It is easy to get so caught up in parenting, marriage and work that personal time for book exploration is set aside never to be enjoyed. One of the best things for the human soul is to be fed by a nourishing and educationally delicious book. People don’t realize it but they have a set of criteria against which an author’s work can be measured. Ultimately, that criteria determines if it is worthy of time in that cozy chair. Kevin Trudeau’s book

Sustainable Development And Sustainable Consumption Dissertation

Innovation Designing For a Sustainable Future

Innovation refers to the deployments and applications of newer processes, ideas, and devices that are better, and designed to cater to, and meet, new requirements, inherent needs, and needs of the society. This is achieved through more effective processes, products, technologies, services, and ideas that are prevalent and can be made use of by governments, society, and market. We often confuse innovation with invention that is associated with the creation of ideas or methods while innovation is involved with better and effective use of those methods and ideas for the betterment of humanity. Innovation also differs from

Genetically Engineered Foods Presentations Examples

Possible Control Measures on the Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods

Despite the fact that genetically modified foods have demonstrated that they have less risks unlike what the media has continually reported, there is the need to ensure that the loose ends are considered and actions taken towards them. Under this, the hazards to the environment and to human health should be paid attention to. It is equally important to gather all details on genetically engineered foods to ensure that any happening or outcome relating to the same is predictable; the probability of it happening without the awareness of the Scientists would be tragic.

For further control actions, environmental

Manufactured Foods Literature Reviews Examples

The literature available explaining how manufactured food is harmful to human health is enormous. Many studies have been conducted showing how people are afraid of the manufactured foods. In her article titled, “Our Unsafe Food Supply is Killing Us,” Melanie Warner applauds Congress and the president for passing and signing legislation aimed at preventing the spread of foodborne diseases and deaths. She states that over 310,000 Americans are dying annually due to food related illnesses. These damning figures reveal the immense challenge posed by manufactured foods including steroids, antibiotics, food additives, and others. From such data

GMO Foods Annotated Bibliography

Pre-interview worksheet

This is a pre-interview on the use of GMOs in the researcher’s life
Researcher’s perspective on the topic: The researcher believes that research be carried out to eradicate the fears that many people have regarding the use of GMO foods.

Do you believe there are health concerns? There are some concerns regarding the use of GMO foods. This should be cleared through research and technology. This is the only way that clarity of many issues in this field will be achieved.

Should marketing continue? I believe that has been approved by governments is worth consuming. There should

Genetically Modified Essays Example


The debate on the safety of Genetically Modified (GM) foods has raged on for close to two decades now. On one hand of the controversy are people who argue that GM foods are safe and suitable in ensuring that the increasing world population gets adequate food in the face of deteriorating climate and unfavorable production factors. On the other hand, there are a significant number of people who allege that GM foods have negative long-term effect on human beings. Those opposed to GMOs have cited failure by researchers to prove safety and attributed the increment in chronic diseases to the

Free Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Thesis Sample

1.0 Introduction

When the concept of green building emerges, environmentalists and researchers automatically assume the solutions lie on materials and their constituencies in buildings they are part of and the lifetime of the building. Exterior material directly in contact with the environment and natural elements may enhance the sustainability of the building, but may greatly impact the functions of nearby ecosystems. Hence building sustainability and environmental maintenance are not exactly interchangeable, and yet these terms are often utilized mistakenly. The pioneers of environmental constructs are not confirmed, although architectural historians suggest they date back prior to Ancient Roman times. Architects took

Good Example Of Personal Statement On Science and Knowledge of Physics

Using the science and knowledge of physics in order to advance human health has a long provenance. Wilhelm Röntgen ushered-in the modern age of Medical Physics at the end of the 19th century and the breadth of the science has steadily widened since. The early advances in medical radiation revolutionized diagnostic medicine as imaging replaced fallible ears and diverse interpretations of tactile impressions as the chief method of diagnosis. Today, medical physics has progressed to therapeutic medicine with lasers replacing the scalpel and brachytherapy revolutionizing cancer treatment. The Medical Physics program at the University of Toledo is well equipped

Risk Assessments Article Review Samples

Article 1: Risk Assessment’s New Era. Part1: Challenges for Industrial Hygiene

The article on “Risk Analysis” explains that risk analysis entails the combined activities of accessing, managing, and communicating human health risks. It appreciates that industrial hygiene now reflects changes in health risk assessment methodology and practice. Industrial hygienists can practice several emerging techniques as they enhance responses to risk assessment. The effect of enzymes that metabolize occupationally relevant toxicants. Genes vary from one person to another and examinations of genetic data can reduce the unit risk of substances such as dichlorolethane by a factor of more than 100 from previous risk assessments. The integration of genetic information into risk

Genetically Modified Essay Examples

Several people in different parts of the world in both developed and developing countries go without or with little food every day. This is attributed to the fact that there exists not enough food to supply the needs of the people in these countries. As result of factors such as war, political feuds, poor economic prosperity and poor infrastructure, hunger and poverty are generally witnessed in such countries. Therefore their use of genetically modified food is seen as a source of relief to the starving population. It has to be understood that the use of Genetically Modified food may not

Example Of Harmful Chemicals Annotated Bibliography


The three sources look into how Ordinary exposure to a spestist affects human health. It is illustrated that Ordinary exposure to particular hazardous materials has a very low probability of affecting the human life. However, chronic exposure to some chemicals can threaten the health of a human and environment if they are not managed appropriately. The sources argues how Ordinary exposure to hazardous material impact on the health of individuals.

Abkowitz, M. and Cheng, P. (1989). “Hazardous materials Transport Risk Estimation under Conditions of Limited Data Availability”, Transportation Research Record, 1245, pp. 14-22
The book looks into how the transportation

Analysis of Ethics in the 21st Century Essay

Environmental ethics is a discipline that studied the concepts of moral relationships between human beings and the environment (Keller, 2010). It is a philosophical disciple that involves a study of moral relationships, values and status of environment, and its non-human contents. In the recent past, the literature behind environmental studies, the distinction between intrinsic and instrumental values has gained significant importance. This is as a result of massive human activities, which pose adverse effects to the environment (Carnegie and Griffith University, 1996).

Instrumental values, in environmental ethics, can be explained as the valuation of things or activities, which form means to further some

Art Therapy Course Work Example

The course on art therapy, Reiki and spirituality as alternative ways of keeping good health has a lot of impacts on human lifestyles. Spirituality is basically participation in religion such as attending synagogue, churches and mosques. It could also be through undertaking practices such as meditation, yoga and reflection. Spirituality is an important aspect of keeping good health. People believe that their faith in religion can help maintain good health. For instance, Christians would pray for good health and have faith that they will be healthy. Spirituality in form of yoga and meditation also help the human body relax hence;

Air And Governmental Regulation Vs. Privatization Essays Example

Smoking is a disgusting habit, which affects the health and wealth. For decades, governments have been trying to find ways to eradicate smoking. The hot debates on whether governments have the right to ban smoking cigarettes in public places or not still continue. Some people argue that everyone should make own choice whether to smoke or not. Personally, I think the government should be responsible for citizens’ health care and outlaw smoking in public places. The most important reason for imposing restrictions is to prevent harm to human health, avoid discomfort among non-smokers and protect environment.
It is a well-known

Essay On E-Cigarettes Through False Advertisements And Publicity, Only Increasing The Number Of Young College Smokers And Encouraging Students To Start Smoking:

Vaporizing our futures

Researchers and health experts have proved again and again that tobacco, in any form, is extremely injurious for human health. However such findings and warnings have not deterred the smokers from smoking and there is no effect of such findings on the sales or use of cigarettes. The apathy of tobacco users is a major concern for policymakers and health experts. What is the reason for the ubiquity of cigarettes even though people know it is bad for their health? Mainly, people say that curiosity is the essential element in this problem. In our twenty first century, tobacco companies took a

Global Warming Essays Examples

The study of meteorological materials in all regions of the globe, prove that the climate is not constant, but is a subject to some certain changes. Beginning in the late XIX century, warming particularly intensified in 1920-30., but then a slow cooling started, which ended in 1960. Geologists’ studies of the earth’s crust of sediments have shown that in the past era there was much greater climate change. These changes happened due to natural processes, that is why they are called natural (Martelle, 2013).

The following effects of global warming are projected:

sea ​​level rise due to melting glaciers and polar ice caps (for the last 100 years is

Safety In Industry And Public Health Essay Samples

Safety in the industry is as much important as production itself. It underscores because industrial safety system, usually known as Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS), is an integral part of most industries. Industrial safety is targeted at providing protection against menaces, risks and hazards which can occur in different forms, in the industry. It is, however, not intended for controlling only the hazard. Process control systems are rather provided for controlling the hazards. This essay takes a brief look at what safety in the industry is and also its correlation to public health.
Virtually every industry has its

Genetically Modified Crops Are An Essential Part Of The Future Reports Examples

IntroductionFood consumption is one of the major requirements for humans; people eat to live with at least majority of people been blessed with a meal each day, whereas others may afford three or more. People are independent of culture and customs, eating remains a key facet in different celebrations all over the world among and within friends and families. Moreover, people wish to have a nutritious and healthy meal but the problem is “The safety of the food people consume.”The improvement of livestock and plants for the production of food and the use of diverse conservation skills have been in application

Good Essay About Nuclear Power

Supporters of the amendment claim that nuclear energy serves an important role in the energy mix because it helps in meeting the future generation’s energy demands. Proponents of the policy’s amendment claim that nuclear power provides clean energy because using nuclear energy does not destroy the ozone layer through emission of greenhouse gasses. Those who support amending the policy claim that nuclear power provides a solution to sustainable energy because producers can achieve continuous production of nuclear energy.
Opponents believe that the nuclear power has dangerous effects on human beings because the process of producing energy involves

Sample Essay On A Full Body Is Beautiful Too: Image Analysis

(Tutor’s Name)

According to Taft, Mayer and Kuniholm, a good painting has the potential to make one inspired, informed, or happy by what one sees (2). However, while making a painting analysis it is important to explore ‘what the particular painter was trying to achieve’ (“Famous paintings..”). A full body is beautiful too is the artistic work I chose for the assignment. This is an excellent painting done by Noopur Goel. I chose this image for its thematic relevance and uniqueness. Although it has certain characteristics of modern art, it is not very complex for one to understand the matter

Sample Term Paper On The Lasting Effect Of Chernobyl Disaster

Background of the Disaster

The Chernobyl disaster is one of the historical nuclear disasters that happened in April 26, 1986. It is referred as the world’s worst nuclear accident that moved the entire earth. The accident resulted to deaths of people both from the nuclear power plant at the time of the incident and also a number of people afterwards. Accordingly, one of the four nuclear reactors of the Chernobyl power stationed exploded due to operational defects, flawed reactor design and inadequate training of personnel (Chernobyl).
The nuclear power plan explosion instantly released radioactive materials into the atmosphere. This created a deep impact

Robotic Checkups Essay Example

Within the health care industry, a unanimous drop has been recorded. Ideally, the recorded backdrop is in the form of the health care reforms, as well as level of medical efficiency in the whole world. Normal livelihood and health care are some of the most essential element of elevating poor economic status hence reducing the level of poverty. Medical care is one of the sectors that demands rapid development strategies since the efficiency of patient care is deteriorating with time (Frey 23). An intensive study indicates that there have emerged renowned technological firms, which re health oriented. These medical technology

Good Article Review About Nanotechnology

1. Benefits of Nanotechnology
More than 20 years of nanoscience research finds that the nanotechnology is coming with both expected and unexpected benefits. Nanotechnology is helping to improve in many revolutions, especially in technology and industry sectors. The success of the nanotechnology depends on the fact that the material can be structured in the nanoscale. Using nanotechnology, the materials can be made stronger, lighter, and more durable. The nanotechnology is used in baseball bats, solar panels, motorcycle, luggage, and power tools. The nanotechnology designs the products in nanoscale. The nanotechnology is being implemented in various technologies. Nanotechnology is

Music Therapy Research Paper Samples


Music therapy is an evidence-based clinical use of musical interventions to achieve individual goals within a therapeutic relationship by a certified practitioner. Music therapy may sound not like a very much practiced medical procedure but that is not true. In fact, music therapy dates back as early as ancient civilizations like Egyptian, Indus valley and old Chinese civilization. Music combined with various dance forms was used at that time to treat various illnesses. Even today music therapy is used to address physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs of an individual. After assessing the problems of a patient, a certified music therapist provides treatment which

Example Of Obtaining Raw Materials Research Paper


Everyday, people around the globe dispose tons of waste material that are harmful to the environment. The amount of waste released to the atmosphere on a daily basis is high, yet there are other ways of ensuring that the environment is safe. This can be through recycling or proper disposal of these wastes. Architectural firms play a key role creating waste products that are then emitted to the environment. This paper looks at various ways of obtaining raw materials to be used in architectural firms, the manufacture of primary raw materials to secondary raw materials and the manufacture of these secondary

Skills And Characteristics Of Mental Health Human Service Workers Essay Example

As the saying goes, every land has its own law. In the same manner, every field has its own set of requirements. In the field of mental health services, for instance, the workers have to posses good communication skills, have a good sense of maturity and judgement, and possess the capacity to remain calm when faced with stressful circumstances. Although this list is not exclusive, the skills and characteristics mentioned are crucial to the success of a mental health service professional in his or her work.
The human services fields is a relatively new field compared to other established fields like

Free Essay On Gene Technology: GM Crop Plants

The Biological Basis

The term Genetic Modification (GM) refers to the techniques by which the genetic composition of a plant is manipulated by adding specific genes to it. Every plant contains genes, which are DNA sequences containing information that determine its specific characteristics or traits. The genes are “inheritance units” that provide instructions for the development and functionality of the plant’s next generation. Crop plants modified through this process are called GM or genetically engineered crops, or transgenic crops (“Process of Developing Genetically Modified (GM) Crops.”, n.d.). The principal steps in the process are:
— The wanted gene is isolated; e.g.

Good Essay On About Bioengineered Food, In The Article Dont Squeeze The Tomatoes By Charles


Modifying the genetic make-up of food is a concept which has been around for centuries. Farmers have successfully improved food supply through cross-breeding different plant and animal varieties to develop organisms that yield more, taste better and tolerate harsh conditions. In modern times, this has not always been welcome. The Pure Food Campaign (PFC) was established in 1992 as a coalition of restaurateurs, farmers, animal welfare, environmental and consumer groups opposed to genetic engineered food. Around the same time, the U.S. Agriculture Department stated that it would not regulate production and shipping of Flavr Savr, which is a genetically engineered tomato from

Good Essay On Ozone Layer Depletion


Ozone layer depletion is a phenomenon in which ozone layer in the stratosphere thins out making it possible for the direct penetration of UV rays into the Earth’s surface. This can lead to an array of harmful effects on human health, plants, and animals and can even trigger climate change. Chlorofluorocarbons are recognized as the primary cause accounting for 80% of ozone depletion. Though a lot of steps have been taken around the world to reduce ozone depletion, it may take about few decades more to completely heal the ozone layer due to the long standing stability of CFCs in the

Example Of Cons Of Genetic Modification Of Plants For Food Essay

Genetic modification, as the name suggests, is a biotechnological process by which the genetic material in an organism such as plants is altered in a manner that does not take place in the nature or via nature-influenced recombination. Such organisms which are called as the Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs find immense practical applications in the modern times. They are used extensively for carrying out medical and biological scientific work, are used to manufacture new pharmaceutical medications and importantly, are used in agriculture to produce good quality crops. The reason why genetic modification has gained prominence in agriculture is because it

Good Research Paper On Food, Inc

Business people have given full attention to making maximum profit with little regard on the customer welfare. As documented in the documentary film by Kenner, food production lacks quality standards that are necessary for the manufacturing and production of food fit for human consumption (Food Inc., 2010). Kenner shows how the food industry is corrupted with the production of food that harms or can harm human health. This is caused by the obsession of these companies in maximizing profit and yield from their projects. This puts serious questions on the credibility of the foods that are offered in the

Research Paper On Environmental Studies

Is it fair to restrict the growth of developing countries because of climate change?

Climatic change is a fundamental problem that is affecting developing nations, as well as developed nations of the world. However, as Nath and Behera pointed that developing nations are likely to be faced with a greater incidence of the outcome of climatic change than developed nations. This is because developed nations have the resources to deal with the outcomes of climatic changes and are already setting up mitigation strategies with respect to it.
The earth has limited carrying capacity and therefore increased population growth is likely to do more harm than good. Restricting the growth of developing nations can be

Pollution From Oil Wells Fire Reports Examples


The objective of this research paper is to discuss background of oil well fire occurred in Kuwait and how the fire causes serious impacts on the environment. During the Gulf War around 725 Kuwait’s oil wells were burned by the Iraq. The fire occurred due to burning of oil wells not only impacted the environment of the Kuwait but global environment in very negative manner. Fire increased pollution level significantly high and people started witnessing black rain. Days were turned into the dark nights due to smoke. The balance of ecological system was completely lost due to significant

Good Essay About GMO Brings Dangerous Side-Effects And Unhealthy On The Human Body And As Well As

The world is constantly developing and growing. Similarly, the population of the world is increasing day by day. The elevation in population correspondingly increases the demand of resources and requirements needed by the people. Consequently, a scarcity in resources is observed due to this increase in population. The people eventually are left undernourished and suffer from malnutrition as the particular deficiency among the resources is found in the provision of adequate food to the people. Evidently, FAO 2014 has reported the number of people which is approximately 805 million who have been facing the insufficient food supply. Subsequently, the shortage

Going Green And Environmental Issues Research Papers Examples

Going green simply means the idea of implementing various ways in our daily life that contribute to the protection of our surrounding and entails several aspects from newspaper recycling to living a lifestyle that is fully green. The green movement of the present day has been underway for many years, and it has become more popular because of the population growth effect whose evident result is global warming and increased scientific research ability. With the new equipment and technologies, scenarios that affect our surrounding can be measured and evaluated by research and our lives will be affected. Sometimes research reports

Example Of Global Warming Effects And Threats On Human Health Research Paper


Global warming has been a very common issue to a lot of people. It had become the topic of every conference, seminars and meeting around the world. It is clear to a lot of people that global warming is no longer a prediction, because scientific studies and evidence continues to arise that the earth’s climate is changing at a very fast pace. Even though the evidence is clear, there is no certainty in every single detail of the evidence because of the nature of science. Global warming has caused a lot of change to the state of the climate for it to be noticed

Hydrofracking And Human Health Effects Review Of Current Literature Research Paper

The decrease in world’s petroleum and oil supply has led the nations to look for alternate sources of energy. As a result of this short-supply, unconventional gas reserves are gaining importance as alternative source of crude oil, where the unconventional gas reserves are estimated to contribute to 45% of the US gas production by the year 2035. Large-scale extraction of unconventional natural gas has resulted in the development of new and untested extraction technology such as hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking, which is expected to develop rapidly in the next few decades near human settlements and pose a health hazard (Adgate,

Free Literature Review On The Role Of Xylitol In Alleviating Dry Mouth:


The human body possesses a remarkable capability that can however be jeopardized by disease. Dental conditions occur as some of the most pertinent concerns in human health. Often connoted as Xerostomia, dry mouth occurs as one the dental conditions that jeopardize human health in different ways. Speaking of dry mouth, this connotes to any dental condition that precipitates dryness of the mouth. In fact, dry mouth occurs in cases where an individual experiences frequent episodes whereby the mouth becomes unusually dry. Many at times, dry mouth is elicited by the decrease in saliva production, which is often caused by the

Free Essay About Medical Profession Critique In The Yellow Wallpaper And Wit

Out of all the professions that individuals pursue, the medical profession is one of the most mind intensive. Professionals in this field usually have to undergo intensive session of training for a long time. This is because human health is a very sensitive issue that requires those charged with the responsibility of maintaining it to be competent and efficient. Because of the sensitivity of human health, the professional in this field are viewed as very powerful. In some situations, the health and wellbeing of a person is placed in the hands of a medical professional, and if the medical professional does not do

Good Research Paper About Toxic Substances


Emission of the toxic substance by industries is common all over the world. Toxic substances are emitted daily by industries and anthropogenic activities. Toxic substances are categorized into three categories namely organic, inorganic and metallic compounds. Examples of organic, inorganic and metallic compounds are methane, sulfate and mercury respectively. There have been reports of these substances having negative effects on the environment. Substances like methane are responsible for increased atmospheric temperature. Sulfates affect soil. Sulfates combine with atmospheric water to form acid water. Acid water has a negative effect of soil and microorganism living in it. Mercury, on the other

Genetically Modified Humans Research Paper Samples

In 1997, the public have been shocked about the announcement of the successful mammal cloning. Dolly, the sheep, is the first to be cloned by Ian Wilmut and his co-workers by the process of transferring nuclear genome (Brock 1). There are issues that arise from the public about the morality and ethics of the research method and objective. They are afraid of what should the next thing that could happen after this technological advancement. On the other side, the scientific world have been fascinated and rejoiced about the announcement of Wilmut. There are many scientists that are excited of

Study Summary: Review Research Papers Example

Impact of Triclosan on Health

Antimicrobial or antibacterial agents are commonly used as ingredients in many of the household products. This trend has increased the concern of growing level of chemicals in the environment that ultimately bring negative impact on human as well as animal health. Triclosan is one among them. It is a synthetic, and an antibacterial agent having broad spectrum that has exploded in the consumer market in last few years. There has been tremendous debate on the safety, regulation of its use and effectiveness of triclosan (The European Consumer Organization, (2012).
Triclosan contains antibacterial properties along with antiviral and

Sample Essay On Biologically Based On-Site Industrial Wastewater Treatment System


Solid waste and wastewater are primary sources of pollution from food processing industries. The wastewaters usually contain high suspended solids, organic starch and sugars that may contain toxic substances to the environment. Solid wastes come from organic materials while the mechanical preparation processes need biological treatment before releases into the environment. When untreated, they find their way into other water plants like lakes and streams. Since they have higher nutrient content, they result of eutrophication of the water systems hence causing algal growth. It, therefore, compromises the stability of the aquatic ecosystems as the water quality is changed. It

Good Food Production And Consumption: Food Scarcity Essay Example


As defined by the Brundtland Commission, sustainability is a «development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs» (EPA 2014). Food production and consumption patterns and trends are one of the main contributing factors to environment pollution today. In the event of a growing global population and demographic change, the sustainability issues arising out of the food system are likely to turn more serious in the near future. It is expected that the economic prosperity and the growth of population will increase the demand for food beyond the natural capacity,

Good Example Of The Hominid Revolution Essay

Question 1

Hominid refers to humans and their closer relatives that existed. The hominid evolution relates mostly to origin of and evolution of human beings. Evolution takes a lengthy process that led to the origin of human from their apelike ancestors. The scientific evidence portrays behavioral traits that indicate the origin of human beings from the apelike ancestors evolving over a long duration of time. Among the major behavioral traits relate to the bipedal nature that human beings developed over a long duration of time approximated as four million years.
Grouping of the known hominine, therefore, falls under the same class. Scientists and

Good Research Proposal On Effect Of Dietary Fibers Source And Particle Size On Cholesterol Level Measured


Composition of Dietary Fiber
Dietary fiber is an essential component in nutrition and health (Mora et al., 2013; Klosterbuer, Roughead, & Slavin, 2011). Thus, the present study will explore the effect of particle size and source of fiber on the level of cholesterol in the human digestion system. Primarily, dietary fiber is a constituent of plant foods and includes materials that have diverse morphological and chemical structure. Such materials resist enzymatic action in the human digestion system (Dhingra et al. 2012). In the gastrointestinal tracts, the dietary fiber forms a matrix that has both amorphous and fibrous characteristics. The matrix’s

The Burmese Python Research Papers Example

Invasive python in Florida (everglades)

Invasive python in Florida (everglades)

Annotated bibliography

Pizzatto, Lígia, Camila Both, and Richard Shine. «Quantifying Anuran Microhabitat Use To Infer The Potential For Parasite Transmission Between Invasive Cane Toads And Two Species Of Australian Native Frogs.» Plos ONE 9.9 (2014): 1-11. Academic Search Premier. Web. 25 Nov. 2014.
Kempel, Anne, et al. «Plant-Microbe-Herbivore Interactions In Invasive And Non-Invasive Alien Plant Species.» Functional Ecology 27.2 (2013): 498-508. Academic Search Premier. Web. 25 Nov. 2014.
Bottollier-Curtet, Marion, Anne-Marie Planty-Tabacchi, and Eric Tabacchi. «Competition Between Young Exotic Invasive And Native Dominant Plant Species: Implications For Invasions Within Riparian Areas.»

Free Negative Effects Of Genetically Modified Food Argumentative Essay Sample

Surprisingly, seventy percent of the food that is available on the shelves of a grocery store is genetically modified. Not only this food saturate human diet but it also endangers human health. Other than shelf items, Genetically Modified Foods also include grains such as corn, rice, and wheat, legumes such as soybeans and other products of soy while soft drinks, vegetable oils, vegetable, fruits, dairy products, animal products, meat, pork, chicken, infant formula plus, etc. (Miller and Spoolman 56). It should be noted that there is a large amount of hidden additives and harmful ingredients in such processed food. Sadly, consumers

Anthropology Essay Samples

Anthropological Perspective on Illness and Healing

Illness and disease have challenged the whole world so profoundly and sickness has apparently become a crucial element governing the shells of the poor. Consequently, medical anthropologists became keener upon taking a closer look, or rather a holistic analysis, of the association that exists amidst the health and wellbeing of the mankind and the culture. The basic intention of taking a holistic approach towards anthropology is the premise that human behavior and human health ascends out of a multifaceted interface happening within the cultural structures. This encompasses the health and wellbeing of the human society at large, among others.
Anthropology, as a field of

Horticulture — Introduction Research Paper Examples

Introduction Under broader definitions, horticulture is related to all activities that go on in the field. It is the growing of plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Horticulture is actually derived from the Latin words hortus, that means garden, and cultura, which means cultivation. It is a part of plant agriculture and is different from the field crops and forestry. It is the branch of agriculture that is concerned with intensively cultured plants for food, medicinal purposes, and esthetic gratification. Another definition of horticulture states that it is a science and art of cultivation, propagation and marketing of ornamental plants. Horticulture focuses

Answers To Questions Research Paper Examples

American Public University

How the Social Media, Natural Preservatives, and Additives impacts Business Owners, Guests, and Employees?
Social Media
Social media is an online interactive platform where people can share their experiences, knowledge, and thoughts on things or events. Social media is a good or a bad platform for business owners, guests, and employees.
Business owners can determine their standards, quality, and some other business related factors by making a comparison with the other similar business all around the world. They can learn and teach on this platform. Also, they can advertise their business easily. However, they might receive wrong information from

The Food Safety Issue In China Argumentative Essay Samples

[Submission Date]

It is an undeniable fact that human beings cannot survive without food as it is one of the basic human needs for maintenance and sustenance of life. Food is, without a question, not only a necessity but a kind of pleasure in peoples’ lives regardless of their origin. In the contemporary times, food has significant symbolic power. It is not only necessary for survival but is also important “because it is no longer a widely (locally) accessible and equally produced resource” (Leda 95). Today, commodity-driven market considers food as an unconditional requirement. Moreover, it is also serving

Good Example Of Total Dissolved Solids And Tap Water Report


This is well documented that the chemical composition of water affects the taste, color, odor, and so forth. Some of these salts also pose a threat to human health. The chemical composition of water is based on different dissolved solids. Total dissolved solids are referred to matters in tap water or water bodies that left in a container as residue after evaporation and drying of a water sample. WHO and EPA recommended that it should be below 500 mg/L (Broséus et al., 2009; EPA, 2013).

Classification of Dissolved Solids

The dissolved solids comprised of various salt contents present in the water as well as other

Look For The Flow, Volume, Ownership, And Water Quality Of Puerco River, East Twin Research Paper Samples


The location of Puerco River is in northwestern part of New Mexico and northeastern Arizona. It runs through the Painted Dessert. It use up an area of roughly 2,654 square miles and its length is 167 miles. Its average release is less than 70 cubic feet per second in usual years since its drainage basin is very dry. The river runs through the country of Bernalilio, Cibola, McKinley, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, Socorro and Valencia. The quality of water of Puerco River has been a worry within and outside New Mexico. For

Term Paper On Water Quality And Contamination


This report delineates the water quality and contamination of groundwater based on different water samples in three experiments. The water quality was monitored by adding laundry detergent, oil and vinegar in one experiment. The effectiveness of filtered water was evaluated in the second experiment by passing the contaminated water through filter layers containing sand, gravels and charcoal. The filtrate showed clear water compared to raw water. The third experiment was conducted to make a comparative analysis of water samples obtained from tap water with two types of bottled water samples. The samples obtained from Dasani and Fiji bottled showed good

Example Of Research Paper On Car Engines


Cars have always played an important role in the course of human development. In the past, man had a vision to introduce an invention to transport people along long distances. To turn the vision of a self-propelling automobile into reality, it took the development of a reliable combustion engine that operated on liquid fuel. In 1672, the first steam-powered vehicle as a toy for the Chinese emperor was built by Ferdinand Verbiest, a member of a Jesuit mission in China. As the automobile industry grew, so did the rate of environmental pollution. Car engines are considered to be the prime source of air pollution. The

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Health Здоровье
Good health is very important for every person. Moreover, there is nothing more important than health. Wise people even say: “Health is above wealth”, because if you don’t care of your health, you can’t study or work properly. Хорошее здоровье очень важно для каждого человека. Кроме того, нет ничего важнее, чем здоровье. Мудрые люди даже говорят: «Здоровье выше богатства», потому что, если вы не позаботитесь о своем здоровье, вы не сможете учиться или работать должным образом.
Unfortunately, having perfect health is almost impossible nowadays. Due to highly polluted environment people suffer from many diseases. К сожалению, наличие совершенного здоровья практически невозможно в настоящее время. В связи с высоким уровнем загрязнения окружающей среды люди страдают от многих заболеваний.
The best way to stay healthy is to do regular morning exercise, to eat healthy products, to sleep at least 8 hours a day and to quit bad habits. The good thing is that people are becoming more health-conscious. In my opinion, the number of smoking and alcohol drinking people is decreasing in our country. This is happening because people started to understand how dangerous these two bad habits are. Obesity is another health problem. People, who eat lots of fattening food and do almost no exercise, are often overweight. A healthy diet involves many fruit and vegetables, seafood and wholegrain products. Salt, sugar and fat should be avoided. Excessive dieting can be also dangerous. Some people refuse to eat meat and become vegetarian. However, doctors say that meat is an excellent source of good nutrition. Лучший способ оставаться здоровым, это регулярные физические упражнения по утрам, употребление здоровой пищи, сон не менее 8 часов в день и отказ от вредных привычек. Хорошо, что люди стали больше заботиться о своем здоровье. На мой взгляд, количество курящих и употребляющих алкоголь людей, снижается в нашей стране. Это происходит потому, что люди начали понимать, насколько опасны эти две вредные привычки. Ожирение является ещё одной проблемой для здоровья. Люди, которые едят много жирной еды и почти не делают физических упражнений, часто страдают от избыточного веса. Здоровая диета включает в себя много фруктов и овощей, морепродукты и цельнозерновые продукты. Соли, сахара и жира следует избегать. Чрезмерная диета может также быть опасной. Некоторые люди отказываются от мяса и становятся вегетарианцами. Однако врачи говорят, что мясо является прекрасным источником хорошего питания.
To my mind, one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to go in for various sports. My favourite sport is swimming. I spend a lot of time in the swimming-pool. I think it revitalizes my body and gives me energy for the whole day. Other sports I enjoy are cross-country skiing and figure-skating. To stay healthy, it is also important to spend lots of time in the open air. It is especially useful to go for a walk before going to bed. На мой взгляд, одним из лучших способов оставаться здоровым и подтянутым является занятие различными видами спорта. Мой любимый вид спорта – плавание. Я провожу много времени в бассейне. Я думаю, что это помогает оживить мое тело и заряжает энергией на весь день. Другие виды спорта, которые мне нравятся – это беговые лыжи и фигурное катание. Чтобы оставаться здоровым, важно также тратить много времени на свежем воздухе. Особенно полезно ходить на прогулку перед сном.
Following these simple rules regularly is the only way to promote our health. Регулярное следование этим простым правилам является единственным способом поддержания нашего здоровья.

Health is wealth. It is the biggest asset we need every day to meet our goals. Previously, the definition of health was the proper functioning of our organ systems. As time passed, the definition has changed. Good health now includes the physical and mental wellbeing of a person. A person can be physically fit but mentally disturbed due to the circumstances he is facing. The same can happen when someone is suffering from physical illnesses but is mentally strong.

Maintaining proper health is the prime concern these days. This is a competitive era where you cannot stop. The moment you stop you will be replaced by a better option. This is why everyone is running in the rat race without thinking about their wellbeing. The compromise towards health becomes a costly affair later. In the cities, people are more affected by mental issues than physical ones. Constant stress and lack of physical activities contribute to the problem.

Proper health comprises many factors. It includes good food, proper routine, good sleeping habits, and eating habits. Apart from these personal traits, many external factors also control your wellbeing. People in the villages stay physically stronger due to freshness in the air, physical activities, and good food. People in the urban areas, on the contrary, prefer eating unhealthy food, lack physical agility, and cannot handle mental stress properly. In the same context, urban settlement has a better lifestyle and healthcare system. Considering all the components, a person needs to give equal importance to the factors and maintain a balance.

The elements of good health are physical and mental fitness. If both are maintained, a person will enjoy a better life. How can we achieve that state? First, we have to find out the factors influencing physical health. We have to learn about the lifestyle diseases that affect our health and check the ways to avoid or manage them. Secondly, we have to eat good food and maintain a healthy diet. We need to ensure a balanced diet and good food habits to provide nutrition to our systems. In this aspect, we also have to find out the harmful foods we generally prefer eating and avoid them. Regular exercise is the third most important part of good health. When we are physically active, our muscles remain functional. We get hurt very less and also recover faster. We can also maintain our body balance better when we are involved in physical activities.

The next phase is mental happiness. What makes us happy? One can be happy watching TV all the time. Sitting on the couch all day long can also make someone happy but is it a healthy choice? This type of lifestyle choice should be immediately avoided. Choosing a sedentary lifestyle is nothing but an invitation to different diseases. The current urban population is suffering from weight-related issues. Being overweight also makes the situation worse. Lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol elevation, cardiovascular diseases, etc develop at a young age.

We also need to make better choices when it comes to mental health. Playing sports with your buddies will help you relax and de-stress. You can also take a walk in the park and enjoy the greenery. Avoid spending more time on the screen and try to develop a hobby that suits you. In this way, you can become happier and stay healthier.

A person also needs to choose better social factors to remain free from social stigmas. Cognitive health and social health are equally important. Adding more stress will not be the solution. Keep exercising physically and mentally to remain fit and enjoy good health and longer life. Make your home stress-free with good habits and keep everyone healthy.

Life on this planet is interconnected. Nothing is isolated and everything has an impact on everything else. With concerns about climate change looming and becoming more immediate, we need to understand how our environment and health are connected.

Below you will find some essays on environment and human health that can help you in your examinations, assignments. Select any environment and human health essay you need from the ones given below.

Short Essay on Environment and Human Health – Essay 1 (200 words)


Human health is defined as the state of well-being with regards to the mental, physical and social aspects of the human condition. A person cannot be called healthy merely because of the absence of disease; he or she needs to be doing well in all ways to actually qualify as healthy.

Many factors play a role in determining our health – biological, nutritional, psychological and chemical. These factors can be influenced by internal and external conditions. Externally, the biggest factor that influences our health is our environment.

Environment and Human Health

Our environment isn’t merely the air we breathe, although that is a major component; it ranges from the water we drink to the soil we grow our food in to the sounds and noises in our surroundings. Each part affects us and thereby our health. With emissions from vehicles, factories and fires, our air supply is full of toxic chemicals that present the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and asthma. The food we eat is covered in pesticides that make soil less fertile and can be carcinogenic for us. The human body needs water to survive but our water sources are full of human and industrial wastes that create serious health issues.


We need to remember that we have to live in synergy with our environment. What we put out in it will come back to us. Unless we do something now, the earth will very soon no longer be a habitable planet.

Essay on Health and Environment – Essay 2 (300 words)


Human tendency has always been to subjugate our surroundings. We take pleasure in conquering and reshaping our environment as though it is beneath us and we are supreme. However, the simple truth is that humans are as dependent upon the environment as any other animals on the planet for our continued well-being. Therefore, if we harm our environment, we harm ourselves.

Health and Environment

Our physical, mental and social well-being is dependent upon our surroundings. What we put into the ecosystem is eventually cycled back to us. The pollutants we discard into this ecosystem find their way back through the air we breathe, the food we consume and the water we drink. Since we discard these pollutants because they are harmful to us, it follows that when we inadvertently consume them afterwards, they will still have harmful effects on our health.

Problems with this have been going on for quite some time. We use pesticides on our food crops because the chemicals kill the pests that could destroy the crops. However, those pesticides remain on the food when we consume them causing health problems ranging from skin problems to cancer. The pesticides also reduce the fertility of the soil ensuring that the next crop isn’t as bountiful.

Similarly, we discard human and industrial waste into whatever water body is conveniently close. But we also use the same water bodies for drinking water. Water pollution leads to diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery, lead poisoning, polio and arsenicosis amongst others. The air is also polluted by all the gaseous emissions our activities release. Ranging from smoke from fires to emissions from vehicles and industries, these pollutants cause respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis and can even result in lung cancer.


Environmental scientists have been raising the alarm for some time, but things are very critical now. Our unchecked activities have had adverse effects on the ecosystem and some of that damage is now irreversible. If we do not step up to the plate, we will render the earth uninhabitable very soon.

Essay on Environment Affects Humans Health – Essay 3 (400 words)


As per the definition by WHO, “human health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”. This well-being does not happen in isolation; it is affected by internal as well as external factors. Internal factors include issues inside the human body such as immune deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and genetic or congenital disorders.

External factors generally include three types of health hazards: physical hazards such as ultraviolet and radioactive radiations, noise pollution, carbon monoxide and CFCs; chemical hazards such as industrial effluents, heavy metals, pesticides and fossil fuel combustion; and biological hazards such as parasites, bacteria and viruses.

This clearly means that our health is, to a great extent, dependent upon our environment and the environmental factors that affect human health are mostly created by humans. What we release into our eco-system eventually finds its way back to us.

How Environment Affects Human Health

Since we are completely dependent on the environment to survive, it is safe to say that any changes to the environment will impact human well-being. However, the actual relationship between these two is more complex than we believed and isn’t always easy to assess. The most obvious impacts that we have seen are from deteriorating water quality, air pollution and unsanitary conditions. Radiation poisoning too has deadly consequences for human health.

The response to these issues has been an overall attempt to clean up our ecosystem. While that has worked for some countries, mostly in the developed world, it hasn’t been applied thoroughly in the developing countries of the world. Bilateral and multilateral agreements between countries have managed to address some of the more immediate concerns such as the emission of CFCs into the atmosphere and the damage done to the ozone layer by them.

The corporate world is also trying to lessen its carbon footprint and turning to ‘green’ solutions. However, there are many concerns that have yet to be addressed and are spiralling out of control such as biodiversity; on an average, one species dies out every day. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a proper supply of food so that the world doesn’t starve.


We are simply too well-woven into our surroundings to be immune to the effects of any changes in those surroundings. The problem is that because the relationship between health and environment is complex, we aren’t motivated to make major changes; we’re waiting for irrefutable evidence. By the time we do get it, it might be too late.

Essay on Healthy Environment Healthy Life – Essay 4 (500 words)


We are aware of the complex strands that bind us to our environment. We have already started noticing the difference in our health and how it is related to what we do to our environment. However, a point to consider is that if a bad environment can cause harm to human health, a good environment can actually nurture it.

Unhealthy Environment Unhealthy Life

A report jointly published by the United Nations Environment Programme, the WHO, the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Stockholm, Rotterdam and Basel conventions states that in the year 2012 alone, approximately 12.6 million people lost their lives due to conditions brought on by environmental pollution. UNEP also estimates that environmental degradation is behind 25 percent of all human diseases.

Environmental Pollution Impact

While environmental pollution may have an impact on everyone, research has shown that there are certain demographics that are more vulnerable to its effects – the young, the poor, women, the migrant workers and the elderly. In addition, diseases such as Ebola, Zika and SARS are emerging every few months and spreading because of overpopulation, too much livestock and the resultant environmental impact.

In order to stop the spread of these diseases, healthy ecosystems are essential. While tackling these diseases, such ecosystems can also bring about economic development, reduction of poverty, fewer risks to human well-being and the security of knowing that resources will not run out.

Mental Health

Increasingly, studies conducted on mental health are relating good mental health with exposure to nature. These studies have linked reduction of the symptoms of anxiety and depression and lowered stress levels to the presence of green space close by. In fact, people who moved to urban areas that are greener were seen to have improved mental health.

Water Contamination Impact

This is another example of environmental pollution affecting those in the lower economic strata. In countries where the income levels are middle to low, unavailability of clean water is responsible for 58 percent of the diarrhoea cases. Contaminated water and poor hygiene and sanitation are responsible for the deaths of around 3.5 million people. They also cause the premature deaths of around 25 percent of children younger than 14 years of age.

Approach to Resolution

There are several areas of immediate concern, based on the connection between poor human health and environmental degradation. Some of them are:

  • Ecosystems that have degraded and natural systems on earth that are under pressure, which are more likely to cause disasters such as disease outbreaks, scarcity of food and natural disasters.
  • Insufficient sanitation, poor hygiene and unsafe water that are the causes of deadly diseases, poor mental health and even hit economic productivity badly.
  • Poor nutrition combined with dropping levels of physical activity, leading to the spread of non-communicable diseases.


Directly or indirectly, a healthy environment means healthy people. This is not to say that disease and malnutrition will be eliminated entirely but the incidences of these occurrences will reduce and millions of human lives will not be lost every year.

Long Essay on Impact of the Environment on Health – Essay 5 (600 words)


Human health or human well-being is affected by two main factors – individual traits or internal factors and ecological well-being or external factors. However, most of the time, when research is conducted on the human health condition, these two factors are investigated in isolation from each other. If one truly wants to answer the question – how does the environment affect individual health – one has to look at both factors in tandem. This becomes especially important now in light of climate change warnings and governmental indifference to them.

Impact of Environment on Health

The drawback with health related environmental studies or environment related health studies being conducted, especially those in the West, have narrowed their focus to concentrate on specific allergenic, infectious or toxic agents. They aren’t focusing on broader issues that cover psychological and social impacts too.

Some researchers agree that when studying human health it is important to take into account the impact of the environment of the people being studied. That impact can be seen in the fact that health inequalities exist as per the geography. In fact, health is impacted by the social and physical environment.

Additional research has also shown that there is a direct relationship between people’s mental health and the prevalence of green spaces; the more proximity to the green space, the better the mental health.

Socio-economic Differences in Environmental Impact

That the environment and human health are intertwined cannot be denied. However, that relationship works out differently in different places. In other words, depending upon where you are in the world, the immediate health concerns and the environmental factors affecting those concerns can be varied.

Developing countries tend to focus more on issues such as infant mortality, malnutrition and infectious diseases. The immediate environmental concerns in these countries are sanitation, hygiene, mining, ore processing, oil production and water quality. However, when one looks at developed nations, health concerns revolve around issues such as cancer, lung disease and heart disease. These countries have economies built around industries and those industries do not dispose off their hazardous wastes responsibly, thereby contaminating nearby water bodies and soil.

Considering these factors, it is no wonder that emphasis is placed more on the diseases than on the causes behind those diseases. The causes vary; the diseases may not necessarily do so.

Examples of Environmental Impact on Health Globally

Unfortunately, there isn’t any part of the globe that is free of environmental damage, not even the Polar Regions. If one goes looking, one will almost always find health concerns related to those environmental issues. It doesn’t help that countries such as China and India are developing very quickly. Their pace is such that environmental concerns aren’t being able to keep up with development.

Untreated human waste, industrial effluents, agricultural runoff and just plain old dumping are playing havoc with the ecology in both countries. Then there are the eastern European countries, many of which are former Soviet Union states. Over the past decades, hazardous waste such as heavy metals and nitrates were dumped without any plan or precaution. The result is badly contaminated ground water and surface water, not to mention the lowered quality of soil.

Some action is being taken finally where in such regions are being identified and efforts have been made to remediate, reclaim and restore the soil and surface water in such places; the effort comes too late, however, for the population that has already been exposed to these contaminants.


If one really wants to know what the environmental impact on health looks like, they need to stop looking at it in terms of discrete bubbles. They must study health disorders from an individual as well as an environmental perspective.

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Essay Sample 13

Вербицкая М.В.

Вербицкая М.В.

Comment on the following statement:

    The most important thing in life is health.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
—    explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position

pir 1

linking words 1

soch 001 001
Some people think that the most important thing in life is health, whereas others do not agree.

soch 001 002
In my opinion health is the biggest possession one can have. First of all, bad health makes a person focus on pain but not on his or her goals that they strive for. For example, usually sick people forget about everything they can enjoy but think only about getting rid of the pain that tortures them. Secondly, being sick a person cannot achieve what they want in their life. For instance, he or she wants to travel and see new countries but their poor health conditions do not allow them to do it.

soch 001 003
At the same time there are people who say that if you do not have good health all these values of life will not bring any pleasure. Your consciousness will be always focused only on your body pain.

soch 001 004
In my opinion these people have a point. Good health is a very important part of human existence. Nevertheless, there are more important things. There are healthy people but absolutely unhappy, so how can health be the most important thing in humans’ life?

soch 001 005
In conclusion, I would like to say that if we weigh all the facts that support health as the highest value of life against love and family, we will see the facts that support the last ones seriously outweigh health.

Read by Neil Geitz

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esse edit

People nowadays are more health-conscious than they used to be. They understand that good health is above wealth.

To be healthy we should avoid different bad habits that can affect our health. In my opinion, smoking and drinking too much alcohol, are the worst ones. It’s common knowledge that smoking and drinking can shorten our lives dramatically. Smoking, for example, causes a number of heart and lung diseases, such as pneumonia, emphysema and cancer. Besides, it makes your teeth yellow and skin unhealthy. Fortunately, in recent years smoking has received a lot of bad publicity, and fewer people smoke nowadays. Some companies don’t employ people who are smokers. Smoking has been banned in most public places because everyone agrees it does harm to our health. I don’t smoke, because I don’t want to have unhealthy skin and teeth and die young.

Smoking and drinking are joined by less dangerous habits, such as skipping meals, eating unhealthy food, or even overeating. Of course, they are not quite as deadly as smoking or drinking alcohol, but they also affect our health.

If we eat too much, we’ll become obese, and obesity leads to serious health problems. A lot of people like drinking coca cola and coffee, and enjoy pizzas and hamburgers. But what is tasty is not always healthy. Fast food makes you fat, that’s why Americans are the fattest people in the world.

In recent years eating habits have undergone a change. People are encouraged to eat less fat and more fibre. Fat is believed to be one of the major causes of obesity and heart disease. High fibre and low fat foods can now be found in all shops and supermarkets. Salads, beans, and fruit have taken the place of steak and ice cream. The fashion for health food is growing all the time.

Many people feel they are too fat, even if their doctors disagree. And a lot of people try to improve their fitness. There are a lot of ways to lose weight and avoid gaining it. Perhaps the most popular of them is following a diet. If you want to lose weight, you should cut out snacks and desserts, and cut down on fat. People have also become more aware of calories, the energy value of food. Some people count the number of calories they eat every day; so that they can try to take in fewer calories and lose weight. This is called a calorie-controlled diet. Manufacturers are increasingly producing special foods with fewer calories for slimmers.

But excessive dieting may be dangerous, too. Some people refuse to eat meat as they consider it harmful. They say a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of cancer and vegetarians live longer than others. I can’t agree with them, because meat is an excellent source of good nutrition. In my opinion, it’s wrong to put down a food simply because excessive amounts can cause health problems. Consumed in moderate amounts, meat is perfectly good for our health.

To my mind, the only way to stay healthy and to keep fit is by going in for sports. Among the benefits of regular exercise are a healthier heart, stronger bones, quicker reaction times and more resistance to various illnesses. Besides, you can eat and drink as much as you want because you are burning it all off.

To be healthy, it is also very important to spend a lot of time in the open air. It is useful to go for a walk before going to bed, or to air the room.

I think it is very important to be fit and healthy, and it is necessary to take care of your health. Being fat, in fact, can cause real problems. It is harder for fat people to get a good job, or even to make friends. If you want to do well, you must be thin. That’s why I go in for sports on a regular basis. I have been doing aerobics for three years and I feel great. I am not enthusiastic about strict dieting, but I try to eat only low-fat food, and fruit and vegetables which are rich in vitamins.

Personally I believe that regularity in life promotes our health. Sleeping eight or nine hours, getting up early, regular meals, a healthy diet and going in for sports is really a good way to live.

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